Nike Air Jordan III Golf Shoes | 2018 Release

Nike Golf have just revealed that the Nike Air Jordan III golf shoes will be the next silhouette to hit the links later this month. Scroll on below to get the full story and discover when the AJ3 will hit the shelves in March 2018.

PLEASE NOTE - the brand have informed that there is a slight delay on the release date for both AJ3 styles across the whole of Europe.

The white Air Jordan 3 golf shoes will land on March 9th in Europe.

The premium Air Jordan 3 golf shoes will launch on March 23rd in Europe.

Nike Air Jordan III Golf Shoes | New Style


2018 sees the 30th anniversary celebration of the Air Jordan III sneaker and, quite appropriately, it becomes the third iconic Air Jordan silhouette to become transformed for the golf course.

This incredibly popular and absolute icon of the sneaker world has been on everyone's wishlist since the Air Jordan brand started re-creating their most signature styles into golf shoes.

Nike Air Jordan III Golf Shoes | Elephant Print


With that in mind, it's a very warm welcome for the Air Jordan III golf shoes in this stunning white/concrete colour way which also retains all of the key, original elements which were first introduced thirty years ago. That includes the tumbled white leather, grey elephant print and the Jumpman signature at the heel - three key details which ultimately make this golf shoe.


To convert this iconic sneaker into a golf shoe, the brand have added a full-length Lunarlon midsole for comfort and stability throughout the swing along with the same golf-specific outsole which has featured on previous Air Jordan golf shoe styles. The leather itself is waterproof, while the outsole is made of TPU for long lasting durability and traction - just in case anyone actually chooses to wear these Jordan shoes on the golf course...maybe for a special occasion?

Nike Air Jordan III Golf Shoes | Premium


At the same time, Nike Golf will release an Air Jordan III Premium golf shoe in a stunning brown leather colour option.

The style includes bronze metallic detailing which will complement the premium leather and brown Elephant print perfectly, while all of the same physical properties mentioned above also feature.




Nike Air Jordan III Golf Shoes | Buy Online

The Nike Air Jordan III golf shoes will be available from the 9th of March 2018 for a price of £139.00; while the Air Jordan III Premium golf shoes will be available on 23rd of March for a price of £159.00.

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  • Matt Harris

    Hi GolfPoser - me again!!

    These shoes look immense, but if it's anything like the last Jordan release, they'll only come to a there anyone at Nike who makes these decisions that you could put me in touch with. On the US website I can get a UK13, but they don't ship internationally! Drives me mad!!!


    • Golfposer

      Hi Matt, unfortunately it's the same situation again and these both only go up to size 11 UK. We will continue to request bigger sizes - but it's completely out of our control I am afraid!

  • neil fenton

    do you know if the nike air jordan’s will be available in bigger sizes?a 12 or 13 uk? i’ve tried before but i think 11 is the biggest.
    thanks neil

  • Golfposer

    Hi Neil, unfortunately these both only go up to size 11 UK. We will keep trying for future releases! Thanks GP

  • Tom Ellis

    Are there a limited amount of these?

  • Golfposer

    Extremely limited, yes!

  • rg

    can i put in a reserve order?

  • RGman

    possible to reserve these?

  • Jordan

    Do you have any idea what time Nike will be releasing these on February 16th in PST?

    • Golfposer

      Hi Jordan, we have now updated the article to reflect the new estimated release dates. These have been pushed back for the whole of Europe. Thanks!

  • Alan

    Is it correct that the national release date of the shoes has been delayed.

    • Golfposer

      Hi Alan, indeed the European release dates have been moved. This is controlled by the brand and is approximately the last week of February for the white version, with the premium moved further back into the middle of March. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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