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Introducing our latest brand to join the Golfposer family, Nebuloni golf shoes!

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You can be forgiven for not having heard of Nebuloni golf shoes, but it's about time you were enlightened. A far cry from your Pumas, Nikes and Eccos of the golfing world - Nebuloni is an eponymous family-run business operating out of Northern Italy, with a grand total of three employees on the books. The Nebuloni family comprises of Gigi, Alice and Carlo and this dedicated trio have been hand-crafting golf shoes out of their base in Milan for three generations; that's over 100 years of expertise and knowledge which is incorporated into every pair of Nebuloni golf shoes.


Nebuloni Golf Shoes - Hand Crafted Leather

Only the finest quality leather hides are used, selected to provide superb comfort and breathability, whilst the classic styling has such a strong appeal with its timeless elegance. Nebuloni only produce a handful of shoes every day, each lovingly hand-crafted by Mr. Nebuloni himself. This means that you can be sure that every pair of Nebuloni shoes have had significant time, care and attention - all to provide you with the utmost comfort on the golf course.


Artisan techniques have been passed down through the generations, with Rino Nebuloni affectionately known as 'The Teacher'. Each and every style is created with the anatomy of the foot at the forefront of the design process, whilst the calfskin and luxor hides are responsibly sourced and provide the utmost comfort and breathability. Each shoe is also subjected to a rigorous quality control by a pair of expert eyes before it leaves the factory - ensuring quality is kept at the highest possible level with every set of Nebuloni golf shoes.

The Nebuloni website boasts testimonials from the likes of Gary Player and Miguel Angel Jimenez, who states that "my Nebuloni golf shoes are the most comfortable I have ever worn" - a bold statement from a 50-year-old professional golfer! Hand-crafted, Italian luxury; that is what makes Nebuloni golf shoes so special.

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