Lyle and Scott Golf - Return of the Gold Eagle 2016

Lyle and Scott golf clothing has made its return to Golfposer and we're very excited to introduce the latest Gold Eagle golf range for 2016.

Lyle and Scott Golf Clothing - History


Lyle & Scott is one of the best known British menswear brands with a rich history, which also encompasses golf wear as many of you will already know. The famous gold eagle logo has been worn by some of the most iconic players the game has ever seen - Gary Player, Tony Jacklin, Greg Norman and Ian Baker-Finch to name but a few; with the latter duo having triumphed at the Open Championship in 1986 and 1991 wearing the brand, respectively.

It was a successful period for the brand and their reputation continued to grow within the golf fashion industry because of the quality, style and value on offer every season. Other sponsorship opportunities introduced the Lyle & Scott brand to new audiences around the world, with top British golfers such as Lee Westwood wearing the Gold Eagle motif just as he entered his prime in the early 2000's. Then, a brand re-structure changed everything.

Lyle and Scott Golf Clothing - On Tour


Lyle and Scott Golf clothing temporarily became something of an after-thought for the brand following the launch of the Vintage collection in 2003 - a result of a business re-structuring behind the scenes. It worked for a spell, the Gold Eagle logo became as iconic in British menswear as the next, whilst the new Green Eagle logo clearly differentiated Lyle and Scott golf clothing from anything else on offer by the brand. It made sense to diversify but, with time, it all became a little exhausted and the Green Eagle range lost a lot of its appeal to many golfers.

The solution: discontinue the green and re-introduce the gold. The Lyle & Scott golf clothing range for 2016 now features that iconic Gold Eagle logo to re-align with the heritage and everything else associated with the brand - which is a great move in itself. However, more importantly, many more assets are also being injected into Lyle and Scott golf clothing with a whole new team at the helm - a team which is young, dynamic, trendy and forward-thinking with a collective ambition to vastly improve the range and help reinvent the brand in the designer golf fashion industry. And so far, we really like what we're seeing.

Lyle and Scott Golf Clothing - 2016 Range


No British menswear brand can come close to the quality of Lyle & Scott knitwearwith a historical link to Hawick in the Scottish Borders and an unrivalled expertise which is also beginning to trickle down and through the rest of their golf apparel on offer. The Lyle and Scott golf polo shirt range is admittedly lacking in depth, but this actually increases the confidence levels with what is on offer this Spring; "one should never run before they can walk".

The range of Gold Eagle golf shirts might be limited, but the quality of what is on offer is right up there with the best for this season. Fresh colours and signature tour branding features on some key styles such as the Hawick Tour polo shirt, whilst graphic detail on shirts such as the Gala Diagonal Stripe shirt is always sure to stand out.


As for Lyle & Scott golf knitwear, this will be featured in another dedicated eMAG article very soon, meanwhile Lyle and Scott golf trousers is another category which has benefited from the renewed focus on golf wear. Lyle & Scott chino trousers feature added stretch in the fabric for maximum comfort and are available in the two classic colours of navy and beige, timeless and fashionable enough to wear off the course just as much as on the links. For a fashionable yet golf specific trouser, look no further than the Gullane Tech from Lyle & Scott - ergonomic stretch and a slim fit offers everything you need this season.

Lyle and Scott Golf Clothing - GP Comment


In conclusion - Lyle and Scott golf clothing is quickly returning to its former glory and the range for Spring/Summer 2016 is a definite step in the right direction. The heritage, the quality and the tailoring expertise has never wavered and we hope the return of the Gold Eagle can only help to reaffirm its status in golf wear in the years ahead.

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