Jonas Blixt Masters Scripts by Puma 2015

Jonas Blixt Masters Scripts by Puma 2015

Following such an impressive finish at the Masters last year, Jonas Blixt in undoubtedly one of the ones to watch at Augusta once again this year. The Puma scripts he is set to wear has a notably blue theme running through the outfits, but we love some of these looks and can't wait to see him competing at the top next month.

Masters Thursday






Day one at Augusta sees all of the Puma athletes wear the Titan Tour golf shoes in white/grey/green to pay homage to the Masters - as has become the tradition. Possibly the best look from across the four days for Jonas as the GT Stripe shirt pair with the fresh white pants and exclusive Titan Tour shoes incredibly well.

Masters Friday






Friday at the Masters sees the Road Map stripe polo shirt paired with the light 'grey dawn' Six Pocket pants - the most daring look from the week for Jonas.

Masters Saturday






Signature Puma Golf - this white/blue/grey combination will be worn on the Saturday at the Masters should Jonas make the cut. Unfortunately, the Hawaiian Ocean pants are US only - sorry about that.

Masters Sunday






And finally for Championship Sunday, Jonas will be wearing a much more reserved blue/black combination with the Titan Tour shirt paired with black pants and the stunning Titan Tour shoes in white/blue. Will we see this outfit all over our screens come Sunday evening?

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