Golf Shoe Review for 2014

We pick out some of the best golf shoes from the 2014 collections and advise you on how best to wear them!


2014 has been an incredibly strong year so far for new golf shoe releases with a real focus on lightness, comfort and stability more than ever before. Rapid developments in golf shoe technology have paved the way for a foot race with many brands striving to produce the lightest, the comfiest, the most stable; but which shoes are really the best option to wear on the course this season? It's a difficult question and the answer largely depends on circumstances such as course conditions, personal preference and also the outfit you might opt to wear - but here are our best suggestions from what is currently available.


To begin with, we'll take a look at the brand which is revered for providing unrivalled comfort on the course, and have been for many seasons now. Operating out of Denmark, Ecco have built a reputation in the golf industry for being the market leaders in footwear with their classic Freddie Couples Street golf shoe revolutionising modern day thinking. Spikeless golf shoes are truly becoming the must-have shoe style and we still believe that Ecco's Biom Hybrid shoe is the best for spikeless comfort. Having been made with a unique Yak leather, the upper is incredibly soft to the touch and this transfers directly to your feet. The soft and supple leather works in tandem with direct injection moulding technology in the sole to provide superb comfort levels, which is a joy to wear both on and off the golf course. We wear our Biom Hybrid shoes to work, every single day. That is how good these golf shoes are.


For all the comfort the Biom Hybrid golf shoes provide, we accept that they are perhaps not the smartest or most classical looking golf shoes out there. Ecco recognised this issue, too, and so produced the Tour Hybrid golf shoe - that one which you see worn by none other than major winners Graeme McDowell and Ernie Els amongst others. The Tour Hybrid matches the comfort and performance of the Biom Hybrid but raises the bar in terms of style; you could even wear these golf shoes as part of a smart evening wear outfit. How many other golf shoes can you say this about?

How to Wear: Ecco Tour Hybrid Golf Shoes


Spikeless golf footwear might still unnerve some traditionalists, but we firmly believe they are the future. This bold statement would also appear to be supported by the fact that 60% of the Puma footwear collection for 2014 featured a spikeless sole. If you are looking for a sporty, trainer-style spikeless golf shoe then the Monolite Golf Shoe is the one for you. We would also take a look at the BioFusion Spikeless Mesh shoe (yes, mesh instead of leather). This shoe does feature waterproof mesh, guaranteed for two years, which means you lose no performance with these shoes whatsoever. All you lose is the weight, the bulk and the rigidity which the common golf shoe brings with it. A win-win situation all round - especially if you are a big fan of the sporty, colourful golf clothing that Puma offer!

How to Wear: Puma Beetroot Pink BioFusion Golf Shoes


Spikeless golf shoes, despite what you might assume, do in fact provide superb traction and stability on the golf course. But what about classic spiked footwear? Two different style options to consider here, in our opinion. If you are one of the majority who love to wear the likes of Adidas, Nike, Oakley and Puma with the funky designs and brighter colours, then look no further than the BioFusion golf shoe. Granted, we are biased about the Beetroot pink colour way, but the shoes themselves are really quite a treat. Puma have had problems with their footwear in recent seasons and they must be recognised for not hiding away from the issue and instead confronting it head on. They took their time, overhauled the collection and produce one of the strongest ranges that we have ever seen, with the BioFusion shoe leading the way. We could explain all of the reasons for why the BioFusion is just so good, but we would be here until the new collection arrives. Instead - our full guide to the Puma BioFusion golf shoe is available right here >>


And finally, what shoes would you wear if you are more of an Oscar Jacobson and RLX golf wear fan? Introducing Nebuloni golf shoes. We can forgive you for not having heard of the name, but you will certainly recognise the shoes. Worn by Miguel Angel Jimenez and billed as a superior Lambda golf shoe, Nebuloni footwear is entirely handmade in a small Milanese factory by the gentleman that is Mr. Nebuloni himself - producing a grand total of five sets of Nebuloni golf shoes per day. Superb leather, superb crafstmanship and superb styling - you simply have to pick up a pair of Nebuloni golf shoes to see just why they are so unique and sought after by many golfers. Nebuloni footwear is also the first choice for legend of the game, Gary Player; it says a lot that two of the game's longest serving and classically styled gentleman choose to wear Nebuloni golf shoes.


The constant developments in golf footwear poses the question, just how far can these brands go with shoe development? Perhaps too far, in the case of Adidas' AdiZero One golf shoes with the controversial central spike causing damage to greens, but we are very excited by the 2014 collections and cannot see golf shoes getting much better than the current offerings.


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