Golf Gifts for Men - Christmas Shopping Ideas

Our experts have put together a list of golf gifts for men with some new ideas for any Christmas shoppers who need some inspiration.

Golf Gifts for Men - Christmas 2015


A certain viral advert was launched last week and highlighted the important issue of remembering the isolated and elderly this Christmas. As touching as it was, we feel like there are many other members of society who are also prone to being left forgotten - golfers included. Make sure you send some love to the golfers you know with our comprehensive Christmas shopping guide for golf gifts this year at Golfposer - including those on a budget!

Golf Gifts for Men - Top Five


We'll kick off with our absolute top five items which any golfer would hugely appreciate this year (us included). Also, it's worth noting that our Christmas Returns policy is now in place, giving you peace of mind even before you start browsing our golf gifts online.

1 - Hugo Boss Paddy Pro 1 Golf Shirt

It's an absolutely stunning garment and one of the few which falls victim to the curse of online shopping - where no imagery in the world could really do the product justice. Four colours soon to be available in this with the grey/black sure to be a winning present idea for any golfer with a keen eye for fashion.

2 - Galvin Green Dixon Insula Sweater

Almost every golfer will know this Swedish technical brand and the Insula garments on offer are some of the best in the game. Soft, stretchy and incredibly warm despite the lightweight nature of the fabric, Galvin Green Insula wear makes for a great gift and would be a special treat for any golfer this Christmas.

3 - Bushnell Laser Rangefinder

"What do you get for the golfer who has everything?" - a Bushnell laser rangefinder fits this bill perfectly. Relatively new into the market and perfectly legal for competitive use, Bushnell rangefinders use laser technology to pinpoint the target and provide precise distances to the pin. Three product variants allow for flexibility in terms of cost, whilst this brand is almost unrivalled when it comes to PGA professionals who use their devices on tour.

4 - Slanj Tartan Golf Trousers

One of our more popular golf gifts for men, made-to-measure Slanj tartan trousers offer that element of surprise and come in a range of 55 different Scottish tartans to choose from. A unique gift idea and one which adds that special touch of personalisation, authentically handmade in Scotland.

5 - Chervo Meteora Waterproof Jacket

A little bit of a curve-ball here with Chervo being such a new brand online at Golfposer, but you have our word that you will love the product once you get your hands on it. An Italian brand which originated in ski-wear, the Chervo Meteora jacket offers full waterproof protection with a quiet soft shell exterior and enhanced stretch levels for maximum comfort. A hugely popular brand in Asia and Europe.

Golf Gifts for Men - Under £100

The majority of our products are typically in that £50-£100 price bracket and so picking out our favourites has been a real struggle. After much deliberation, we've finally whittled our choices to the following...

RLX Solid Airflow Golf Shirt

We chose this particular style from Ralph Lauren's golf line because it offers a really nice fit for all body shapes, whilst many more colours which have recently arrived online at Golfposer. A favourite for many - including iconic tour professionals like Luke Donald and Billy Horschel.

Puma Spikeless Golf Shoes

Contrary to popular belief, most men love shoes just as much as women - so a nice pair of shoes is always a great gift to receive at Christmas. A pair of spikeless Puma Golf shoes is a particularly good choice and offers excellent value for money, styles to suit many tastes and the ability to wear them off the course, too.

Icebreaker Merino Wear

A particularly great choice if the golfer you love has other outdoor interests - Icebreaker is a New Zealand based brand who use only the finest Merino wool in all of their products. Want to know more on their unique properties? Click here to read our latest feature eMAG article on this hugely popular brand right here.

The Golfposer Sale

Not ones to miss an opportunity for a plug - we have been advised that now would be a good time point you in the direction of the Golfposer Sale. Always some excellent golfing bargains to be had with selected products from across our designer brands such as Hugo Boss, Puma and Nike now featured - but be quick as sizes tend to shift fast!

Golf Gifts for Men - Under £50

We understand Christmas can be an expensive time of the year, so here are some great golf gift ideas for shoppers on a budget or looking for that little additional extra stocking-filler present this year.

Designer Golf Shirts

Buying designer clothing doesn't need to be expensive. At present, there are no fewer than 58 styles of golf shirt for less than £50. Our best pick would be the Collin or Hubert styles from Oscar Jacobson, whilst many options from Puma and Nike will certainly brighten up your Christmas morning!

Golf Snoods

On trend and reasonably inexpensive, golf snood scarves are stylish and functional enough to wear off the golf course this winter, too. Key styles feature from reputable brands such as Galvin Green and Icebreaker.

Golf Hats

In the same respect, most of our hats on offer are perfect for wearing as part of a casual outdoor outfit just as much as they are suited to the golf course. Warm beanie hats would be the seasonal choice, whilst a range of branded caps are also available.

Designer Golf Belts

A safe choice, but something that you know any golfer will get good use out of. Our pick of the bunch would be the Druh Players Square golf belt priced at just £39.00 - a bargain for a high quality, one size fits all leather golf belt.


And if we've failed in our bid to inspire you with our ideas for golf gifts - there's always the safest bet of all the prospective golf gifts out there - Golfposer Gift VouchersAvailable in denominations of £10, 25, 50 or 100 - this option offers total flexibility for your recipient this Christmas and would easily tick another present off your list.

Got a question before purchasing any golf gifts? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our Christmas elves who are more than happy to help this festive season!

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