Galvin Green Review - Test Pilot 2015

We all know how good the Galvin Green waterproofs are so we thought to send our latest GP Test Pilot on a mission to wear test the Galvin Green Multi Layer Concept with a package consisting of a Marvin Ventil8 shirt, Ned Ventil8 Golf Trousers and Bourne Windstopper jacket. Over to the lucky winner - Robin Hopkins (@Rob_Max_Lisa) with his Galvin Green review.

Galvin Green Review - Ventil8 Shirt


I was excited to be selected as Golfposer's Test Pilot for the Galvin Green outfit - especially since I play at Coventry Golf Club where the current Galvin Green sponsored Assistant Pro Championships are being held. Having not worn the brand before, I was intrigued as to what they could offer that was different to anything else on the market.


After a significant lay-off period due to hand surgery, I have only restarted practising my golf again very recently and began my rehabilitation period by playing in the evenings and at weekends. I opted to wear my Ventil8 polo shirt and Ned Ventil8 pants on most days, whilst I would layer the outfit with the Bourne Winstopper if there was an evening chill in the air - or when the wind had picked up on weekends.

I was feeling very comfortable, warm and unrestricted in any way and able to practice again more regularly; I firmly believe this all helped me get back into competitive golf more quickly. Now having every confidence in the Galvin Green clothing, I also purchased a Galvin Green Skintight compression top to wear under my polo shirt. I immediately recognised and felt the quality and difference to that of previous and current base layers I own.

Galvin Green Review - Windstopper


After a few more weeks passed, I was able to enter some competitions at last after building up playing a few holes at a time, increasing them until I was playing a full 18 again. Over the last four weekends I have now competed in competitions including our Club Championship day, Silver Medal Day, a round at The Centurion Club and a 36-hole hole competition at Cooden Beach.


I wore my Galvin Green Test Pilot clothing at all of the events listed above with some excellent results and feedback achieved, especially at Cooden Beach where the weather could be summed up in one word - horrendous! We were subjected to the some of the heaviest rain I have ever played in along with very testing 35mph winds. Although I had to cover up my Ned trousers, my Ventil8 polo shirt stayed bone dry under my Windstopper jacket and surprised me once more; this piece isn't officially waterproof with any taped seams but it certainly felt like it was - and some!

Galvin Green clothing feels undeniably comfortable, unrestrictive and lightweight, whilst the Bourne Windstopper jacket in particular offers exceptional warmth and yet total breathablility. Prior to playing Cooden Beach, we knew that the bad weather was closing in and again through the confidence my Test Pilot clothing was giving me, I also purchased a Galvin Green waterproof cap to complete my outfit - something I would never have contemplated purchasing before!

Galvin Green Review - The Brand


If I had never won or been chosen for the Test Pilot competition by courtesy of Golfposer, I would honestly never have considered purchasing Galvin Green clothing. For me, it takes the personal experience of wearing such attire to warrant that little bit of extra investment for the quality of the brand, technology and material. Galvin Green come across as golf experts and certainly live up to their high reputation in my opinion.

I have also found that I feel somewhat more confident when wearing my Galvin Green clothing and teeing up at the first hole. I feel safe in the knowledge that whatever the weather throws at me over the next few hours, Galvin Green has my back and it is one less thing to worry about!

Galvin Green Review - Off the Course


As mentioned, I had an extra opportunity to add to my Galvin Green review by wearing the new outfit off the golf course whilst I recovered from thumb surgery. I took them all away on holiday with me to the south coast where the weather was dry and cool but very windy - typical of the south coast. I would have normally worn many bulky layers of clothes on my ventures down the beach, but instead I opted to test the Galvin Green clothing out and put my faith in it due to its renowned quality.

It became evident very quickly how comfortable I felt with minimum layers on and at no time did I feel cold or that I needed to wear anything else. I also wore this set-up for walking my dog, Max, early in the mornings when the temperature was much lower and even when we had some light rain, and again I never felt the need to add or remove any clothing from the simple and very effective combination of layering the Galvin Green shirt, Windstopper & trousers.

Such is the styling and more tailored fitting of Galvin Green clothing, I also wore the Ned trousers and Windstopper most days when out on daily visits to neighbouring towns to walk around shops, parks and beach fronts with Max and at no time did I feel I was walking around in specific golf attire. In-fact, I felt at complete ease with my look and more importantly with the variant changes of temperature and weather conditions associated with coastal areas, I never felt uncomfortable by being too warm, too cold or restricted in movement. The limited amount of Galvin Green layers I was wearing gave me the impression they were adjusting to my body temperature and outside conditions, keeping my body breathable and in perfect comfort.

Thank you to Golfposer once again for the opportunity to complete a Galvin Green review with the Test Pilot scheme, I look forward to wearing my outfit even more this winter as I am also a SkyCaddie ambassador and 99% of all my golf course mapping is usually completed very early in the mornings before members even arrive at their clubs. Now I can stay much warmer, drier and more comfortable than I have ever felt before during what is usually some very testing weather conditions!

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