Galvin Green Jackets

With the first storm of the season about to hit the British Isles, we take a look at why you should choose Galvin Green for golf waterproofs.


Galvin Green; the name is synonymous with golf, waterproof clothing and superb quality. The Swedish golf clothing brand have won numerous awards across many categories over the years but their expertise and true forte lies with their waterproof golf jackets and trousers, applying superb design detail and sophisticated engineering to Gore Tex fabrics to create possibly the best golf waterproofs around. But just why are Galvin Green waterproofs so desirable?


In truth, buying a waterproof Galvin Green suit is indeed an investment, but what you get for your money fully justifies the price tag, as every garment from the Gore Tex collection comes with a lifetime waterproof guarantee. This is primarily why so many golfers who are serious about the game have opted to invest already, along with the additional trust in the Gore Tex brand which is renowned worldwide for providing consistently high quality fabrics and materials.


A lifetime guarantee is all fine and well, but you wouldn’t purchase a jacket for life if it never provides a comfortable wear. With years of experience in the industry, the experts at Galvin Green acknowledge this and have dedicated their careers to developing a range of jackets with the serious golfer in mind, creating and refining intricate details and technologies to make each jacket perfect for on the golf course. Every little aspect adds to the experience of wearing a Galvin Green jacket and, without delving into every tiny detail, you can be sure to trust the judgement of thousands of global Galvin Green customers who have no bad word to say about their jacket.


The award-winning design of each jacket revolves around providing as much freedom of movement as possible, which can be attributed to the four-way stretch of the Gore Tex fabric, but breathability is another feature which is considered vital. To provide this without hindering the waterproof nature of the jackets, the Galvin design team have pioneered the development of a fabric which features 1.4 billion microscopic pores per cm2, each of which are 20,000x smaller than a water droplet but 700x larger than a water vapour molecule.

Looking beyond the products themselves, as a brand Galvin Green are one of the best in the golf industry for many reasons. First off, Galvin are a brilliant company who look after their customers as far as possible and this has really built the trust and a reputation which is fully deserved, whilst they also have much control over the distribution of their top end waterproofs. All in all, many other golf brands could learn from Galvin Green, in more ways than one. Find the whole Galvin Green golf waterproof collection online at Golfposer right here >>


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