Galvin Green C-Knit Waterproofs | New Technology

Galvin Green C-Knit is a pioneering new technology which has just been unveiled within their golf outerwear collection for 2017. Read on for everything you need to know about the most exciting launch from the Swedish waterproof experts to date.

Galvin Green C-Knit | The Technology

Galvin Green C-Knit waterproofs feature the very latest technology which Gore have to offer - never before seen in the golf outerwear market. The new waterproof fabric makes use of a three layer structure with the eponymous "C-Knit Backer" which has been designed to "slide and glide" across any garments worn beneath the jacket itself. This technology was first unveiled within the Galvin Green Ryder Cup Team Europe outerwear collection last year and now, the revolutionary designs are now available to you, the public.

Replacing the two layer membrane, the Galvin Green C-Knit fabric is super lightweight, more durable than ever and even softer to the touch - offering a feeling of extreme quality. The same degree of waterproof protection and breathability is assured, whilst the non-stick feel between your clothing layers is certain to amaze.


Originating in Japan, this revolutionary technology has been in development for six years and elevates the comfort factor of Galvin Green waterproofs to new heights, without compromising on any features for which the brand have become known for. Now available in two key styles (full zip or half zip) - Galvin Green C-Knit waterproof jackets also boast some other pioneering details which will increase the performance once more.

Galvin Green C-Knit | Rubberised Collar

One of the biggest issues with golf waterproofs is the risk of seepage through the collar area of the jacket itself. Brands can only go so far to make the fabric itself waterproof, but if water leaks through to your body via your neck - then you're still going to end up with that uncomfortable damp feeling.

Galvin Green recognised this issue and made it their priority to come up with a solution. C-Knit golf jackets now feature a soft rubberised collar, made with a fabric which has been designed to stay as close to the skin as possible, without feeling unnatural and uncomfortable.


Still boasting waterproof capabilities, this innovative collar fabric is also used at the zippered wrist cuffs with an ergonomic shape - adding a final touch of comfort to your round. The new Galvin Green C-Knit golf jackets have been designed by golfers, for golfers; a trait which cannot be underestimated.

Galvin Green C-Knit | Waterproof Jackets

Galvin Green C-Knit waterproof golf jackets are now available to shop online at Golfposer. There are six jackets to choose from across two key styles - all of which offer something a little bit different in terms of style and aesthetic.

As mentioned, Galvin Green C-Knit golf jackets are super lightweight and have been designed with this as a defining feature. As such, there are no pockets in order to minimise swing restriction, whilst other key details which we know and love are also included with these new styles (including adjustment areas at the chest, cuff and waist).


Finally, a single pair of dark Iron Grey waterproof pants with the same revolutionary C-Knit fabric are also available to complete the ultimate waterproof suit, ready to protect you from the elements this season and beyond.

The pièce de résistance; the crème de la crème. We're confident you'll love Galvin Green C-Knit Waterproofs just as much as we do.

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