Biom Hybrid II - Ecco Golf Shoe Review

Ecco have launched the much anticipated Biom Hybrid II golf shoes and here we guide you through the all new design for 2015!

Biom Hybrid II - Review


Big things are expected for 2015 from Ecco and the launch of the Biom Hybrid II golf shoes are a little taster for what we can all look forward to. Having received some criticism for resting on their laurels with recent collections, Ecco have listened to the feedback and are set to launch an entirely redesigned and redeveloped golf shoe collection at the turn of the year.


Ecco fans have been crying out for something new and finally we have the Biom Hybrid II to suppress our longing for a new Ecco design. The Biom Hybrid golf shoe was perhaps the most iconic and most popular style from previous years and not one golfer who owns a pair would dispute their superiority. As the name suggests, the older style has been revamped with some new features and key alterations which elevate the style to a whole new level.

Owners of the original Biom Hybrid shoes might imply that they couldn't get any comfier, but Ecco have just proven them wrong with this latest style. Having championed the Natural Motion technology for many seasons with the Biom Hybrid, the new 2015 design introduces a fresh focus on 'hardening' the key areas which require durability and 'softening' the key areas which ensure total comfort. A new 'ultra-premium' insole further enhances these all-important comfort levels, whilst the new profile design is also far sleeker for a clean look.


Biom Hybrid II - Comfort in Performance

Whilst comfort is embedded in Ecco's brand values, performance matters just as much - especially for on the golf course as we all know. Weighing 15% lighter than the original design thanks to a newly developed midsole, the Biom Hybrid II offers greater feel and traction throughout the golf swing by bringing the wearer far closer to the ground. The same classic Ecco spikeless sole is featured with 800+ different traction angles from the 100 TPU traction bars, also made with TPU which is 5 times more durable than rubber.


Finally, pioneering Yak leather upper is utilised once more having been honed to perfection with the latest design - offering weather resistant performance (up to 8 hours) with the HydroMAX treatment and anti-stain coating, also. Combining this unique upper (three times more durable than regular leather) with the award-winning spikeless sole means you can wear the Ecco Biom Hybrid II in any conditions without any fears of sub-par performance, both on and off the golf course.


All in all, we love the new Biom Hybrid II design and with many colour ways to choose from, we think Ecco are ready to dominate the golf footwear market once more this season.


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