Druh Leather Golf Belts for 2015

Discover the latest Druh leather Golf Belts from the 2015 collection including new leather styles and brand new buckles to choose from.

Druh Leather Golf Belts - Players Square

The players square golf belt from Druh is certainly one of the most popular from the range and features a new square belt buckle, switching from the old oval shape. A great option at just £39.00 each with many colours available in the 2015 collection.


Druh Leather Golf Belts - Players Croc

The players croc belt from Druh offers something a little bit different with the textured leather and the all new DB buckle, as seen worn by the likes of Andy Sullivan and Robert Streb. Lee Westwood is another Druh Belts tour ambassador and has been wearing these stunning belts for many years now.

Druh Leather Golf Belts - Croc Tour Belts

The Croc Tour is perhaps the most iconic of all the Druh leather golf belts. Available in a range of colours, this high quality leather is a timeless classic and is a real favourite of many golfers across the UK and abroad.

A handful of other belt styles are also available in the 2015 range of Druh leather golf belts and buckles, including Lizard textured styles and the newly updated Stingray version.


Druh golf belts make for excellent gifts and the iconic DB logo is unmistakeable; be sure to look out for the logo on both the European and PGA tours this season.

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