Bushnell Tour X Laser Rangefinder

We take a closer look at the Bushnell Tour X laser rangefinder, new to arrive  online at Golfposer.

Bushnell Tour X - Review

It's been billed as the most sophisticated, most innovative and pioneering device from Bushnell to date - but what makes the Tour X unique to anything else on the market? Well, aside from the reputation of the brand, the reliable consistency of their rangefinders and the 2 year warranty which is provided - the Tour X rangefinder features some pioneering technologies which are designed to aid your game enormously. It is also accurate to within a half-yard and offers 6x magnification - making objects appear six times closer to aid target location.

Bushnell Tour X - SLOPE


Put simply, the slope technology on the Bushnell Tour X device takes into account any changes in height and provides adjusted results to find the perfect range. Triggered when the red faceplate is attached, the slope technology adjusts the yardage depending on the degree of any slope which you may face on the golf course and will allow you to play as accurate a shot as possible.

Bushnell Tour X - EXCHANGE


The only negative to the Bushnell Slope technology is that it's not technically legal for tournament play. This is where the exchange option comes into effect; with the Tour X device you receive a black faceplate which deactivates the slope technology and returns your Bushnell to conform with USGA rules. "Slope technology when you want it, tournament legal when you need it."

Bushnell Tour X - DDT Display


This unique feature allows the golfer to alternate between a bright red visual display and a sharp black display based on the lighting conditions. All designed to give you more control and freedom as to what you see on the display of the Bushnell Tour X.

Bushnell Tour X - JOLT

Jolt technology is a key feature of Bushnell laser rangefinders and hence features on the Tour X model. A subtle vibration is sent through the device as soon as the laser locks onto the flag - providing you with absolute confirmation which you can trust through sight and through touch. The Bushnell Tour X removes any doubt with jolt technology.

The Bushnell Tour X is now available to shop online at Golfposer and comes accompanied by a premium carry case & CR2 battery.

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