Bryson DeChambeau - Puma Golf Signing 2016

Bryson DeChambeau has just turned professional after securing the Low Amateur title at the Masters and has finally announced a clothing and footwear deal with Puma Golf!

Bryson DeChambeau - Masters Low Amateur


Bryson DeChambeau is already a star in the game of golf, without question. From current professionals to ex-professionals; from US media to global golf commentators; from self-declared golf geeks to casual armchair viewers - the attention, praise and intrigue that one man has generated amongst the Masters viewership is quite incredible for an amateur golfer. Whether it's because of the unique, bespoke nature of his irons & wedges with equal shaft lengths, his single-plane golf swing, his choice of Hogan-esque flat caps or simply his enthusiasm for the game (and the Masters in particular) - Bryson DeChambeau has been a journalist's dream this past week.

Magazine articles, feature interviews, press conferences, endless predictions - BDC was one of the hottest topics of conversation heading into the 2016 Masters and his performance certainly didn't disappoint. He has this aura of confidence which comes with being one of the best amateur golfers in the world - but it's a confidence which also had him suggesting he could contend and maybe even win the Green Jacket in his first appearance. There's a very fine line between confidence and arrogance - but we all truly bought into Bryson DeChambeau because his unshakable self belief, his endearing personality and extraordinary approach to the game.

The Bryson DeChambeau Story

Aside from the Masters fairytale with Danny Willett and the cruel, painstaking fate which Jordan Spieth experienced - Bryson DeChambeau was one of the stories of the tournament at Augusta this year. An eagle opportunity presented itself on only his second hole and, being in an early group with Jordan Spieth & Paul Casey, he certainly grabbed everyone's attention (if not the eagle itself). He was even at the very top of the leaderboard late on Friday, hunting down his playing partner and defending champion, before just two poor swings from the tee resulted in three dropped shots on his 36th hole to tumble back down the leaderboard. If anyone in the viewing public hadn't known about Bryson DeChambeau until that moment, then they sure as heck would remember his name now.

However, the 22 year old handled it with exemplary professionalism and grace - and that's just one of his many qualities. A model athlete, a Physics graduate with intellect and intelligence, eloquently spoken and with a quirky take on fashion; Bryson DeChambeau has the whole package to become one of the biggest stars in the game, sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, there's only one golf brand out there who really are match-made for BDC - and that deal was just announced today.

Bryson DeChambeau - Puma Golf

Bryson-Dechambeau-Puma-Golf It was probably the worst kept secret in golf that Bryson DeChambeau and Puma Golf had a deal on the cards, ready to announce soon after the fanfare had departed Augusta. Several appearances wearing the very latest Puma Golf collection at some of the biggest events on the European Tour calendar and the Arnold Palmer Invitational were early indicators, but it was news of DeChambeau using Cobra irons & wedges in the weeks leading up to Augusta which really sealed the deal for us. Finally, after many months spent tight-lipped on any affiliation with DeChambeau, an announcement from Puma Golf earlier today:

There's only so many characters which you can squeeze into a single tweet, so a press release further elaborated on this exciting of announcements from the brand to date. Significantly, we're told that Bryson will wear not only Puma Golf clothing, but also Puma Golf footwear AND Puma branded accessories - including his signature Hogan Driver Cap. It doesn't take a marketing genius to work out that these will be coming in a full retail capacity soon enough.


The press release goes on to explain that Bryson DeChambeau's red, white and blue ensemble will become a Sunday tradition to pay homage to his alma mater - Southern Methodist University - much in the way that fellow Puma athletes Rickie Fowler and Graham DeLaet wear their distinctive Sunday colours to celebrate their own backgrounds.


The words that could be used to describe Bryson DeChambeau are simply endless. The top Puma bosses eventually settled on "a unique combination of talent, ingenuity and personality that makes him such a dynamic golfer"; the imagination can only wonder what type of colourful vocabulary the top bosses from the other (reported) nine brands who were chasing his signature might be using this evening.

Bryson DeChambeau - GP Comment

Ultimately, this young Californian is the breath of fresh air which both golf itself and Puma Golf were potentially needing. An intriguing young man with a love for golf, a mind for for physics and a keen eye for style - a man prepared to both tear up the proverbial rule book yet embrace bygone fashion statements simultaneously. We don't know quite how long the deal has been in the pipeline, but it certainly goes to prove why the brand didn't appear too concerned when rivals were snapping up every other player on the market in early 2016.

Bryson DeChambeau wasn't yet officially on the market back then, but we firmly believe Puma may have just landed the golf deal of the century. Yes, other major winning golfers might have close ties with other gargantuan sports brands, but we truly believe that Bryson DeChambeau is one of the most marketable athletes in any sport and won't take long to prove himself as a major winner himself. Puma are absolutely correct - who else would he have signed with?


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