Brand New Galvin Green

As a follow up to our previous Galvin Green blog, take a look at some of the brand new golf shirt and trouser arrivals from Galvin Green as part of the Spring/Summer 2012 collection! Read on to discover what is available and learn about the technology behind the fabrics!


Swedish brand Galvin Green are best known for their unrivalled golf waterproofs - as explained in our previous article - and to compliment their Spring/Summer 2012 waterproof collection Galvin have introduced brand new styles of polo shirts and trousers. Galvin excel once again with the technology behind their fabrics for both golf polo shirts and trousers, with a brilliant polyester/cotton mix or the excellent Ventil8™ fabric to choose between!

The majority of the Spring/Summer golf polo shirts are made from a polyester/cotton blend giving a lovely soft feel to every shirt. This fabric simply oozes quality and comfort and is incorporated into four of the six polo shirt styles. Each of these tops are well crafted specifically for golf (by golfers themselves) and we believe they are incredible value too!


The Marlow shirt and Murdoch shirt (pictured above) are the two styles made with Galvin's technologically advanced Ventil8 fabric. The name itself gives away the main purpose of these garments: to ventilate the wearer and keep them as cool as possible throughout their round of golf. Both of these shirts are lightweight, soft and flexible with specific high-risk areas targeted with extra ventilation properties, providing unparallelled breathability unknown to the conventional polyester golf shirt!

Moisture transportation is key in the Ventil8™ technology, dispersing excess heat and moisture across a wider area to allow rapid evaporation, twice as fast as conventional polyester shirts! We all know how uncomfortable it can be sweating it out on the course on a warm Summer's day and Galvin have purposefully combatted this issue with Ventil8™ technology. So often with perspiration also comes odours - but the clever brains at Galvin have also tackled this issue head on with permanent anti-bacterial technology to keep you feeling (and smelling) fresh!


Galvin Green also incorporate the Ventil8 technology into their 'Ned' style of trouser too! This means your lower body will be as comfortable as your upper half, and with substantial stretch extreme comfort is a guarantee! Other trouser styles are available in a regular polyester, with very trendy checks in various colours available to match many of our polo shirts! There are eight different colours of the standard Max Tour polo shirt so you can be sure to find your perfect outfit with our new Changing Room feature! All of the trouser styles are regular fit, except from the Norwood and Noel pants - which are both fitted.

Below is an example of how each of these polo shirts work within the clever Galvin Green Layering Concept. Every garment from Galvin Green is built with this concept in mind - and the basic point is to emphasise that you can be comfortable whatever the weather with Galvin Green menswear! Be it rain or shine, hot or cold - this concept means that selecting the correct Galvin Green outfit will allow you to be in optimum condition to play at your best!



For when it rains this Spring/Summer but remains relatively hot and humid - you can be safe in the knowledge that your outer waterproof shell is incredibly breathable and works together with a Galvin Green polo shirt and its thermal regulation to keep you both externally and internally dry and comfortable!

This weekend you can catch Peter Hanson wearing Galvin Green at Augusta, and after Day Two he is sitting pretty at two-under! Can the 34 year old Swede cause an upset and win the 2012 Masters?


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